imaginative backyards, moving, and the perfect summer wine: Shaya Verdejo.

When I was in kindergarten, my family flew across the ocean in corduroy pants and tightly woven wool sweaters. Our minds open to new beginnings, we relocated to a spacious US government apartment in West Germany. It was the first time I tasted snow.


That summer my sisters and I explored the woods on the government base, picking magnanimous blackberries and climbing trees; the long timbers would bend after storms, and we would often pretend they were a springboard into the sky, jumping on wooden beams deeply implanted in the soil. Our imaginations were laden with character.

image credit: lettershometoyou

I often wonder how that move effected my outlook. Or perhaps the move back to Texas. Or even the move to Ohio. Regardless, living in a series of regions throughout our Westernized landscape has changed me. Some personality traits I know have suited me well, others I suppose have been hard memes to break.

After our last move from San Antonio, the sommelier and I have finally settled into a permanent home. One we can call our own. It was a difficult and arduous process, especially once we realized our mortgage broker was slightly less than desirable, and in which time it was too late to rectify. Nevertheless, we are now watching as Rhea discovers what she loves about her new space.


I have now begun to wonder what effect our decisions have on our sweet girl. How will she feel about living in the suburbs? Will she favor downtown trips, museums, and long distance travel? Will her mind be open to explore other cultures, their ideas, ways of life? Like my adventures into the German woods have helped shape my idea of beauty… we want to ensure our daughter’s landscape is enlightened.


As I sip on a clean, crisp 2012 Shaya Verdejo from Juan Gil, I suddenly realize we, like the bright acid of the wine, are a gateway for our child’s world. With every hint of minerality, grapefruit, and peach nose, I am reminded of her sweet goodness and old world heart. She’s a beauty like no other, light and airy. Like the $14 Shaya, she’s perfect in this moment.


Plus, there’s plenty of backyard Texas for us to explore.


Play well. Drink well. Cheers.