don’t blink: ten years and counting.

it’s daunting to feel how slow time passes when you count your breaths.  breathe in, breathe out.  two seconds. three seconds.  one minute, then four.  hours become snail trails on a dewy sidewalk.  time stands still.  

it’s much like when you’re taking a road trip, and the clock is aching, laughing at your insistency and sense of urgency.  the metal cage can only move so fast. 

and then you blink.  and days have passed. weeks.  and you’re on the way home, and it only feels like seconds.  but years have flown by.  

a few days ago I was sitting on a bar stool in a dirty Irish pub drinking stout and discussing Europe with a curious, olive eyed stranger.  yesterday I married him in a small German village.  and a few hours ago I gave birth to a bright soul whose quest for intelligence is never hindered.  she stares back at me with those same olive eyes.  

I look up, and realize it’s been 10 years.  ten years since we officially began our life together, although it’s been lifetimes before that.  

it’s been a few seconds since our actual anniversary, and now we are celebrating our life together in the best way we know how.  for the next 10 days we will traverse Croatia: the cities, the coastline, and the islands that create such fame for this Adriatic beauty.  we will drink and eat all the things.  and we will breathe through this one second alone we have together.  

I just keep reminding myself… don’t blink. another ten years will pass us by before I know it. #howeilovemysomm #wemadeit10years  

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