Edinburgh: high mile castles, bagpipes, and angelic views.

Edinburgh beckoned to us from an hour away. trains are the major mode of public transportation, so getting there was generally simple.

we emerged from the train station in awe and wonder as the sun shone brightly over the city. sommkid was immediately mesmerized with the castle.

needless to say, we begin the journey up the steep hill toward the thick walls.

after some leg work, we made it through the iron gates and into the fortress.

the city sparkled in the sunlight.

we visited great halls and Crown Jewels and then stopped for high tea.

sommkid loves this formidable British tradition.

the air began to chill even more, and so we began our walk down the royal mile.

bagpipes greeted us outside the cathedral, and we stopped to have a listen to the pure Scottish tune.

the north bridge winds were fierce as the day began to fade. we crossed in haste, but with enough time to catch Calton Hill get caught in the rays.

the scenes were angelic.

the day was good.

air adhart gu ionad dachaigh!

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