Glasgow: family, fog, and ferris wheels.

we touched down in Glasgow among a sea of mist, the clouds stretching from heaven to earth and everywhere in between.

in a manner of minutes, we were warming our hands by the stove fire and drinking hot tea with our beloved Scottish Family. sommkid was overwhelmed with joy.

while munchkins reunited, we walked along the muddy alleys and gazed at golfers and robins and stray cats and centuries old homes.

we stopped at the local pub to have a cider and catch up on the last year’s events. the liquid was cool and somewhat sweet and had just enough alcohol to induce a short nap.

trains run into the city on the regular, so we hopped down to the Glasgow Market to give the girls a view of George Square from the ferris wheel.

the award winning city council building built in 1882 was nothing to scoff at, either.

high street was stacked full to the brim with holiday shoppers, overflowing with bags of goodies for loved ones and mothers and stalkers alike.

we ate Cadbury’s and drank IPA and walked the streets of Glesco with apathy. the historic stone buildings glittered in the mist as we wandered, lighting a path for us to the Modern Museum of Art, and then on to the train station.

tomorrow is another day, and perhaps another adventure.

saor-làithean saor, y’all!


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