Paris: the enchantress.

It’s almost impossible to fathom beauty at every corner, history breathing in the walls, and culture dripping from the sky… until you come to Paris. At every turn, there is something beautiful, delicious, and concrete.


Modern artists tend to take advantage of their landscapes, including those pieces left by predecessors. There are still painters in front of the Louvre, however they seem quaint compared to what I imagine of the boastful artists of yesteryear. The archways into the enormous museum are filled with musicians, vying for attention, filling the air with sweet acoustics.


Immensely grand, the Louvre beckons you with detail, the Palace in which it resides giving art to the masses.


Detail will not escape any other structure in Paris, and as you take a short walk down the Seine, you will see layers of beauty, including the exquisite Notre Dame.


With saints looking on, it’s possible to feel peace and solace while inside the Cathedral. Relics surround you, and while sculptures whisper prayers, chandeliers glow with heavenly eyes.


There is beauty all around you here in Paris. Behind every door a new surprise. A new beginning. A chance to renew your senses, your eyes, ears, and heart. A city of love.


I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


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