there’s a first for everything: flying into Paris.

The last time I took a two week vacation was in 2005. The last time I took a vacation solely in purpose of spending time with the sommelier was on our honeymoon in 2008. He slept for almost the entire first two days, the remaining two were spent venturing out to Bayona, Commanders Palace, Cafe du Monde, and a few short walks in the Garden District. My memories are short of that time.

Somehow our other vacations end up being shared in good company, or spent visiting friends and relatives. They are always amazing, like our trip to PDX last summer, but it’s about time for our own wandering into vacation bliss.

For those who don’t know, we have been trying to buy a house the last few months. Let me just say this: please research your mortgage broker thoroughly, as there are many idiots masquerading as proficient people out there. Our closing has been delayed five times due to these “experts.” In addition to immense amounts paperwork stress, we are now in temporary living with my in-laws, which moans to obvious sources of additional tragedy, our things in storage notwithstanding. Plus, I’ve been working quite hard at my day job. Oh, and I have an inflamed heel spur… but enough of my own pity party.

After work activities aside, we are now on our first vacation as a couple in six years. As we fly into Paris, I am hopeful that I can leave my worries on the plane, my high sommelier expectations at the terminal, and my stateside life at baggage claim (with the notable exception of Rhea, of course).


This is my first mobile post, from the first day, of our first vacation in six years. Check back for more over the next two weeks.

au revoir.


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  1. Oh Wow! A first in Paris, you cannot go wrong with that. I hope it exceeds all your expectations and you have a wonderful time. And kudos, for your first mobile posting!

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