a composition on community.


: a group of people who have the same interests, fight for the same causes, and accept you in all your faults.

always a somewhat of a vagabond,

my circles tend to fade in and out like breaths.

as if the universe is vying to be cruel,

my path wanders adjacent to closeness and acceptance,

only to suddenly evaporate when my soul senses acquiescence.


wandering through the years,

I wonder if I am the only one

to feel alone.

in a sea of community.


Community, like family, is what you make it.  You can choose to open the cage that guards your true self, expose the burning light inside your soul, and be amicable to receiving mutual love.  So you become part of the community.  But with it, also comes hate. And envy. And jealousy.

In time, with every move; every group of friends, colleagues, or consorts; every new community, there is the risk that the heart is cauterized.  As I age, my flame becomes less vibrant.  I inhale the bitter smoke from my singed soul.  Deliberately, I must exhaust the toxins from my system, so that I can breathe again.  And such is the process to learn to love others for their faults, find forgiveness, and enjoy peace and tranquility.  My flame is less vibrant, but perhaps, learns to change color, absorbing energies of those around me.

Life is hard.  Especially when we try to sail it alone.  Community allows us the opportunity to connect to others so that we are constantly moving forward, so that we continually learn from our surroundings, so to expose ourselves for who we truly are.  And be accepted. And loved.  And return that love.  And make a difference.

Like a rare vintage held deep in  a dark, desolate cave, we don’t know our worth until we open up… and are savored through the senses of others.


(photo credit Jerome Faure, Constance Hotels Sommelier)

Take part.  Jump in.  Live.



This post was written as part of a creative link up series, Not So Small Stores, hosted by Kirsten Oliphant.


8 thoughts

  1. I love the idea that community helps us move forward–I tend to love my comfy zone and avoid community…but I don’t want to stagnate, either. Thank you for the reminder that I need to invest and participate (even if I don’t particularly feel like it!).

    • If I could fluff around all day in my pajamas eating ramen I probably would. But then I would also be lonelier, much fatter, and depressed. It’s good to get out there! xoxo

  2. I especially enjoyed the poem, and the idea that community can help expose us for who we really are. Sometimes that can be painful, learning that we’re more controlling or worrisome or unloving than we thought, but it is also freeing.

  3. I love this. I think you put very eloquently what many of us have felt and struggled with–the whole realization that with the opening to community comes the burning. Always. Because we just aren’t perfect. None of us. There is bound to be conflict and hurt and then it’s hard to go back in. Ugh. I appreciate you opening up about this here, in THIS community. :) Thanks so much for joining in and taking part!

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