the realization of free time and the persnickety Texas Viognier

If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be home at 10 pm on a Friday night, every Friday night, I would have laughed.  Not only would I have laughed, but I would have bought you a glass of wine.  Or a beer.  Or a scotch.  I would have leaned over the bar, whispered something to Olaf, and snickered.  My thoughts immersed in watching the clock, I would sit waiting for the sommelier to walk through the phone booth.  I talked to strangers and read my liberal left magazines. Oh, how I miss those days.  Don’t get me wrong.  Sommbaby is the most beautiful, intelligent, amazingly aware spirit that could have entered my life.  I love tending to the garden while she plays in the yard, in the water, and in the mud.  She captures my heart, and I would never trade her for anything.

( Photo by the amazing  Serina Sara Sparkman)

But, being a mother is hard.  Being a working mother is even harder.  I thought that once I finished graduate school that things would be easier, life would somehow become magically “perfect”; it was one less thing for me to do every day.  Less reading.  Less typing.  Less  checklists.  In reality, I have found a hole.  A gap in the busy life I used to lead.  I am constantly looking for projects, those which will not only fill my time, but also fill my need to constantly learn and grow.  Surprisingly, this process has become extremely painful for me.  In fact, a large part of me is somewhat sad.

So, tonight I contemplate my new goals in life, organize small projects, set deadlines, and work through the toughest emotions I have had in a while.  What better to nurse me through the ache?  A 2011 Becker Vineyards Viognier.

A rare white grape grown almost exclusively in the Northern Rhone regions of France, Viognier prefers warmer climates with long growing seasons. It’s no wonder, then, that Texas is the perfect climate for such a persnickety grape. Assumed a substitute for full bodied Chardonnay, Texas Viognier is round, luxurious, and smooth.  It comes with layers of intense, aromatic complexity, and has a creamy mouthfeel all its own.  Of all the wineries in Texas that produce a Viognier, Becker Vineyards has won the most “street cred” and obtained the optimum shelf space.  This year, Texas Monthly has even named the slightly fruity white a must have.

It’s a great way to wind down on a smoldering Friday night. After a week of ten-hour days, late day-care pick ups, even later dinners, and midnight laundry sessions, I deserve it.  And so do you.  Aptly priced at $14, it’s too much of a value not to give a try.

Go Texan.  Go Local.





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  1. I’m so sorry you have a gap and an ache. I’ve been there, girlfriend. Hugs.

    PS. A “must have” Texas white? Send me a bottle or two!! I can’t get it here. I’ll pay ya. :)

  2. Being a mother IS hard. But I’ve always been impressed by how you took on being a mother, working an full-time job, and getting your MBA. And you made it look easy – from the outside, at least. :) Transitions can be tough but this gap in time may allow you to get back to yourself when you’ve been so focused on taking care of your family and your degree. I hope you ease into it and let that time help you explore what’s next for you, especially creatively. You have so much brilliance to offer! And now I can’t wait to try this wine.

    • Thanks for the support… yeah I started a journal to try to make a gratitude list and such. I think it is a great time to just enjoy rheagan.. she’s so adorable right now (before the terrible toddlers). all the bloggers here are a buttress; I feel so lucky.

  3. You make me feel lazy! I’ve been wanting to go to grad school, but keep finding excuses. And this is because I don’t even have children. What you accomplished is amazing! And I agree with you… That wine is fab. I need to head up to Fredericksburg to go wine tasting at all those wonderful wineries up there.

    • thanks! it definitely draws perspective in place when you can see it from a different point of view. you should go back to school, it’s a almost a must have now for career advancement.

  4. Hey Bry, I’m with you all the way on every aspect of this post … although it has been a few more years since m Friday nights were my own. Your daughter is precious and so are you and I have been known to enjoy a Becker Viognier from time to time! Looking forward to finding new wines to try from you as well. We have been on a Malbec kick in my home recently, have any good recommendations on $20 & under of those?

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